Boudoir is all about making you feel your BEST + it can be SO much fun!

But, I know you might have a few questions. Like, "I have never done this before... What the heck to do I wear?? Is there anything I need to know before I get there?

How do I pose to look like a model??"

helpful tips!

Let me give you some

one week before:

It's never too early to start your self-love journey! Take the week before

your session to pamper yourself. Heck - start TONIGHT!

Stick to a skin care routine that works for you. Shave, wax, pluck - (OR DON'T!!) whatever it is that makes you feel beautiful - do that!

For me, it's a lush bath bomb, a good book + plenty of candles!

MOST IMPORTANT TIP: Drink plenty of water. Challenge yourself to drink at least four glasses of water a day. Every day.

night before:

It's time to get your beauty sleep. No, seriously. 

You have a big + exciting day coming up - you will want to be well rested!

Make sure you drink plenty of water, apply some night time moisturizer, + get to bed early. Your body will thank you in the morning. Trust me.

the day of:


Even if you're doing a Boudoir Session as a gift for a significant other - this day is YOUR DAY. You get to focus on yourself + have fun! The more confidence you bring to your session, the better the photos will be + I guarantee the more fun you will have!

What do I wear?


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TO + FROM YOUR SESSION wear loose fitting clothing. Large t-shirt, zip-up jacket with nothing underneath, button down shirt, + loose sweat pants are all great options! The idea is that you come as comfortable as possible. 

DITCH THE BRA. Tight fitting clothing, like a bra, can leave impressions + lines on your skin that can be very difficult or nearly impossible to edit out of photos. Basically, it's best to just come in your pajamas.

FOR YOUR SESSION bring whatever makes you feel sexy! Boudoir is all about how you FEEL. No matter what you wear during your session, you want to be comfortable. 

It doesn't always have to be lingerie...


Some great options are:

- Lacy bra + panty set

- Significant other's clothing (their favorite jersey, their button down shirt, their favorite band tee, etc.)

- Oversized sweater + underwear

- Leather jacket

- Cheeky Underwear

- Lingerie

- Wedding veil

- Nightgown

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer skin retouching?

Skin retouching is included with every boudoir session. I remove acne, blemishes, stretch marks + cellulite in addition to bruises + other random marks you may have on the day of your session!

Still have some questions? Shoot me an email + I'll help you out!