Boudoir Location!

It's time to find your perfect

Finding a location that suits you + your style is extremely important. You want a space that makes you feel comfortable, but also special, pampered - maybe even a little boujee! 

It can be kind of overwhelming to find your perfect boudoir location.

But, that's where I come in! 

I have personally curated a list of some of the best locations in the surrounding area to make it easy for you! Each of these spots have been hand selected based on the most important design aspects: lighting, space, color + overall aesthetic

You may have noticed that Huntsville is not included in this list. That is because, unfortunately, the city of Huntsville does not allow Airbnb business.

But, that doesn't mean we can't find your perfect spot! 

Nearby cities such as Nashville + Birmingham have some of the most unique Airbnb locations. They also make for a really fun weekend-getaway. Whether your partner meets up with you after our session or you make it a girls-only trip!

Boudoir is all about treating yourself, so why not extend that experience through the whole weekend?

If you don't want to travel too far, Florence + New Market have some absolutely gorgeous locations that just can't be overlooked! Feel free to click the links provided below for each location. Keep in mind locations with asterisks might charge an extra fee on-top of the regular booking price for Photography. 

Once you found + booked your perfect location for our agreed-upon date, please send me an email so I know where I will be heading for our session together!

If you have questions, shoot me an email + I will be happy to help!


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